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Re: [manne] Add Table to DB and Link it to Category
I forget to say that i am trying only to bring a new table in contact to LinksSQL.

If there is somebody who has similar experiences and can help it would be fine.

i tried different ways, but i dont get the new table to the database section in the dropdown menu.

-I copied an existent table and renamed this.
-Then i copied the def file for the origin table and renamed this with
-No new table appears in the database section

Then i made from the Mysql settings section:
Load table info from an existing set of tables (or resync the def files if you have changed your defs manually)
and also i resynced with

But still there appears nothing in the database section.

IT works now
I forgot to change the
db_nav.html admin teplate
i added now the option


Thanks and best regards


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manne: Mar 16, 2007, 2:35 AM

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