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Re: [Alba] Track downloads instead of hits?
Thanks, I've been looking at them.

Not to sound weird or rude in any way, but after putting out $450.00 then really the last thing I would like to do is to put out more $$ for a plugin to do something that would seem really simple to do, by purchasing a plugin that might do a whole lot more than I need it to do. Don't get me wrong, I believe in paying people for their work, but I dont want to buy a plugin that will do many many things that we wont be using just for when we want to change what appears to be a simple way that jump.cgi counts the hits from the url when we want to change it to count them from
jump.cgi?ID=2&view=content. I would have to assume that there would be a real easy edit to make the Links system count the jump.cgi from url to content. But I have not found it yet. I have bought some plugins that do what we needed, but at the time, we needed everything that the plugin does, not just part of it. I know, I know...... Bite the bullet and pay someone for a plugin that does more than what we need even if it does more than the one thing that we need.

Since our site is a not for profit site, it makes absolutely no money so there is no money coming in and I get no money from having the website, nor do I want to earn any money from it. It's only a gaming fan site and nothing more. So the original purchase price of Links came out of my own pocket, not anyone that uses the fan site that we have.

Anyway, I'll go look again and see if there are any plugins that just change how Links counts up the hits from the url to something like a column called content or download so that the jump.cgi will track something other than the url link.

Never the less, thank you for your suggestion.

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kamidan: Aug 20, 2006, 9:44 AM

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