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Credit Card rejection message?
When a vendor completing a point of sale with a credit card reading device is presented with an 'authorization failed' message, does the message carry a subtext (ie side message) containing a descriptive rationale behind the failure? I seem to be getting a lot of "invalid security code" messages as a generic credit card failure.

(just now I couldn't tell if I was on top of/in/above the emoticon above. The cursor was in some forsaken nether-realm. Is nether-realm hyphenated?)

Also, I only used the emoticon (eh-MAH-tee-con?) above because I was curious about the implementation. I don't ever use MTcons (because mt is such a hip abbreviation of emot, and they are actually a CON), really. I swear. I also don't forward chain-letters. Anyways, I was wondering what each one meant, and then I realized that if I moused over them, my STATUS BAR might display some useful information. I got 'mad' and 'sad' and 'angel', and then when I came across the one aforementioned, the description was ':/'. All I can think of is that someone requested it, the developers had no idea what it meant, and they were forced to put it in anyways. Either that or it means something sexualllly suggestive, maybe like 'horny' or something

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