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Two Questions - GM 2.2.4
Gossamer Mail Version : 2.2.4
dTree : original work by Chaz@Charlie based on which GT implemented later.

Now Two Questions:
(1) Have a user account which is always showing 1 unread mail in folder (out of 800 odd) and there is no action from user which can get this corrected. consistency.pl run doesnot fix either.

Now this user has the dTree stuff completely disappear from the screen today. We logged in from admin and found the same thing (no dTree stuff). The page source shows it there but it doesn't display in account.

How can the above be corrected, specially the Unread Message issue.

(2) A user wanted a New Account and Then wanted important mails moved from old account to new account as he was discarding the old account.

New Account Created
Admin Moves Folder By Folder to new Account.

All messages move to Inbox. Is this Normal?
Ideally It should have been:

Inbox (old a/c) --> Inbox (new a/c)
Sent (old a/c) --> Sent (new a/c)

Mail Me If Contacting Privately Is That Necessary.

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