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Re: [Mark2] Switch between English or Russian Templates
Global Name: language
Global Description: allow multiple language usage in templates, using if conditions. Language input is passed through the URL parameter: lang=Russian

English URL:
Russian URL:

All others languages not listed in the global, can be captured using an else exception.

sub {
# MultiLanguage global
# Edit only the config part below
# Config part Begin
#my $default_language = "English";
my %valid = (
English => 1,
Russian => 1,
Maya => 0 #0 means, not accepted at this time
# Config part End

#my $lang = shift || $default_language;
#my $input_lang = $IN->param("lang") || $default_language;
my $lang = shift;
my $tags = shift;
my $input_lang = $IN->param("lang");
my $match = $input_lang eq $lang;
my $is_valid = $valid{$input_lang} && $valid{$lang};

# Truth table:
# match & valid => 1
# no match & valid => 0
# match & not valid => 0
# no match & not valid => 0

return ($is_valid && $match) ? 1 : 0;

Usage in dynamic templates:
<%set English = language('English')%>
<%set Russian = language('Russian')%>
<%set Maya = language('Maya')%>
<%if English%>This is an English text<br>
<%elseif Russian%>Net gavarity pa Rusky :)<br>
<%elseif Maya%>Maya :)<br>
<%else%>Unknown language: <%lang%><%endif%><br>

Usage in dynamic templates using include templates:
<%set English = language('English')%>
<%set Russian = language('Russian')%>
<%set Maya = language('Maya')%>
<%if English%><%include include_english.html%>
<%elseif Russian%><%include include_russian.html%>
<%elseif Maya%><%include include_maya.html%>
<%else%>Unknown language: <%lang%><%endif%><br>

Unfortunately the global will only work in dynamic mode.
Static mode rendering will not work.

This is now a tested plugin, which should also work for you.
The previous global had a 2 bugs in it, and unfortunately the GT::Template also has a serious bug, so I had to use a workaround to solve the problem.

Let me know how it works for you, and if you needed to change anything in it.

Best regards,

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