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[EXAMPLE] Image upload help.. using FILE types

I thought I'd post this as a bit of help, for those who are struggling with file uploads :) (this example is for images, gif/jpg/png);

Column Name: Image1
Column Type: CHAR
Column Size: 255
Not Null: No

Form Information

Form Display: Image 1
Form Type: FILE
File Save Location: /full/path/to/where/images/should/be/saved
File Save URL: http://www.domain.com/full/location/where/images/should/be/saved/
File Save Method: HASHED
File Maximum Size: 250000
Form Regex : ^([%\w-]+\.(?:jpe?g|JPE?G|gif|GIF|png|PNG)|)$

You also need to add something like this in include_form.html;

<div class="row clear">
<label for="Image1" class="name">Image:</label>
<div class="value">
<input type="file" name="Image1" class="text">

Hope that helps anyone whos looking at adding image uploads in GLinks 3.0.x Smile


Andy (mod)
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