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Re: [Alex] Is this product listed?
Few questions:

One admin with say 1600+ users maintaining their own list. Admin activity is just restricted to sending out to these 1600 users who then send out the same mail to their own lists (100 odd subscribers in each of these 1600 users list) and Admin would just want to keep a tab on each of the 1600 users mailings (who would basically be forwarding mail recd from Admin to their list). So this would mean about 160000 subscribers effectively as startup.

Now the questions:

(1) Bounce Email Address : would there be 1600 + 1 bounce address. Nothing clear from the Bounce Address (the POP configuration section in user add)?
(2) WRT Admin type of user : would it be possible to have Admin as us with unrestricted access (ie the default Admin config of Glist) to everything and Another Admin as above who does not have access to things like plugins,setup,GT Module documentation, etc.?
(3) Storage requirements: Where are the list messages stored? Is it like gossamer mail?
(4) Would such a startup list need a dedicated box? Frequency being one per day. If yes then what would be the bare min configuration needed?

Mail Me If Contacting Privately Is That Necessary.

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