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Very high quality hosting!!

I use the Gossamer hosting service since 3 months now and I'm still VERY impressed by the high quality of their service. The Gossamer Team members are really professionnal and expert in website hosting and they take care of your server and website as if it was their own server and website. They did all the transfert of my website (Gossamer Forum + Gossamer Links) with a little downtime of only few minutes! The support is perfect: very fast and always complete. With all their recommandations and optimizations, my website is now flying! I took with Gossamer Hosting almost the same server that I had before, but with their very high performance setting, my website is now a lot more faster than with my old server! Smile

I recommand their service to any person or business who needs a very solid managed hosting service and use some of the Gossamer Threads scripts. You have to see the price they ask as an real investment, since, with their very high quality service, you will have a lot more time to develop your website and serve your customers.

Thanks again Gossamer Team for your excellent hosting service! You are now a very important partner of my business!


- Sorry for my bad english, it's not my first language.

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