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Re: [JPDeni] Help: Error: Invalid config file name?
Unfortunately, I can't provide you with the username and password.
My boss would kill me if I do that, sorry.

I remember that have changed the drop down list content in html_advanced_search in html.pl and the drop down list content in defualt.cfg. This drop down list appears in the form when people fillout a request and when we search these records, they are just some option we provide. I added some items and deleted some items. and it now looks like:

'Referrer' => 'All Canada Adventures,Wisconsin Outdoor Journal,Goin Fishing TV,NorthAmerican Fisherman Card Deck,SearchEngine,Another-Site,In-Fisherman,Midwest Outdoors TV,Outdoor News Ad,From the Canadian Fishing Map',

You can find this line in default.cfg

But everything worked fine, people can fillout their form with the new option selected and we are also able to search for records with that new option selected. I don't know how would this affect the deletion function

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