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Re: [Jagerman] Same Old Quote Problem
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I've changed the [reply], [quote], [code], and [pre] tags on this forum by adding a
at the end of the closing tag html (Admin -> Markup -> Tags -> Modify) - that appears to solve the problem (but give it a try here and confirm).

As for spacing being not completely exact, this is an unfortunate result of limitations of how the editing components being used differ in some ways from the final HTML produced by GForum; since straight HTML is not allowed (for various security reasons), the resulting HTML has to be converted to markup, which is safe, then converted back to HTML when displayed. This does mean some content can be lost - for example, if you were to copy and paste a table from one page into the editor, the table would not be preserved because there are no table elements available in markup. That said, we do try to keep the final display as close as possible to the input when using functionality directly available in the editor, and if there is an area where the final result varies greatly, we can look into possible fixes for it.

One more time. Let me see if this works without injecting any markup or control commands. :) I'll just keep typing to see if the word wrap will work this time. That should do it, now let me preview and post it if it works.

All righty then... It looks good in the preview so I stand on my original congratulatory post. :)

It looks like the break tag straightened things out in this Quote reply. It worked fine for me here. I'm surprised no one has mentioned this. Maybe I'm the only guy using Netscape browsers these days. :)

Will you be rolling this fix into future releases? If so, please reply here so I'll know when it's taken care of in a release that can be purchased. I'm assuming you are indicating above that you have only added the fix to this test forum for proof of concept and it will need to be rolled into a minor revision level release sometime in the future.

I appreciate the quick response and the test area code change.

Mo Heat (Vermont Castings Winter Warm Large: 2004 - Current)

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Mo Heat: Nov 4, 2005, 2:37 PM

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