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Re: [Mo Heat] Same Old Quote Problem
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When I Quote a reply to my test post I am thrown to the advanced editor. I type a subject and click (well down) into the editor block. My insertion pointer is positioned inside the horizontal line object. I tried all manner of things to get it out but failed.

I read the old posts regarding this and replies from moderators saying it's fixed. Looks broke to me.

Also, not exactly WYSIWYG as spacing is inconsistent with previews, posts, and sigs. I figured it out, but first time users will be frustrated.

Any (real) fix for the Quote editor issue on the horizon? This seems like a show stopper for a forum program to me. That's the bread and butter function, after all. Too bad as this is cool software with great features.

Okay, I think I see the problem. It seems to work ok with MS IE6, but not with the Netscape7 browser.
Mo Heat (Vermont Castings Winter Warm Large: 2004 - Current)

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Mo Heat: Nov 3, 2005, 6:38 PM

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