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Re: [Andy] Cool "rate" system...
Hi Andy,

great that you picked this up and went through this CSS-star-rating; I do have some questions though:

I would like to run this through "rate.cgi". When I am looking at the default G-Links rating-system, I can chosse rating from 1 to 10. With this CSS-star-rating I can choose rating from 1 to 5 (stars). How to change this to "1 to 5" ? Is there a need to change some code in the system ?

Do you know how to implement the "CSS-star-rating" into a "Rating Box" ? So that link-owners can easily put this "Rating-Box" on their own website.
The CSS-code should be included in the code. The CSS should not be in a separate .css-file (because people might not know how to include a separate .css-file into their website).

Similar to the "Rating-Box" on the following website, but probably with something like this: "please rate our website" (which actually shows the CSS-stars).
By clicking on the CSS-stars, it forwards to the log-in-screen of the "G-Links search-engine" and if somebody registers or is logging in, he will be forwarded to the link he wants to give a rating on.


Again, many thanks !


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