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DirName Converter Update (from webmaster33)
Dear LinksSQL and Links users,

I have discussed with GT and webmaster33 the possibility of an updated DirName converter compliant with Links 3.
The main idea if the plug-in is to provide conversion of characters used with accents for example to non accented characters but the plug-in also allows for much more (maybe a admin panel screenshot would help understanding?). The DirName Converter can provide such functionality for both static and dynamic pages. This plug-in provides more functionality than the plug-in Adrian/GT kindly provided Links users with. The main difference being that Adrian's plug-in only handles static pages.

Konrad has voiced his intention to update this plug-in if at least three people indicate that they are interested in using it. This was during a private email discussion so webmaster33 may want to add comments to this post if necessary.

Having voiced my own interest in seeing this plug-in updated it now only requires two other users to follow in order to provide Konrad with sufficient initial basis to carry out the necessary updates. I like to thank webmaster33 for his ongoing work and help and support personally and to many other GT users :)

Thanks John
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