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set 2 home url paths in link.cfg???
I have a dilemma, one that is probably not too unusual. I own two domains, familycorner.com and thefamilycorner.com

I have it set up right now where anyone that clicks on an old url out there with "thefamilycorner.com" in it, will automatically be taken to "familycorner.com" with that same url info.

My Links database, i links.cfg, is set up so that familycorner.com is the main url for the database. Ever since I had the server guy change things so that everything would automatically redirect to familycorner.com, not my rate links and jump links only work on one domain, familycorner.com, when they used to work on both.

For example, if you click on this link http://www.familycorner.com/...dir/jump.cgi?ID=2975 it will take you to an article on Ice Tea. However, if you were to click on the same link with "the" in the domain http://www.thefamilycorner.com/...dir/jump.cgi?ID=2975 you will get an error that says:

Error: No link specified!

Now if you were to visit the article above through http://www.familycorner.com/...dir/jump.cgi?ID=2975 and then try to rate it (I have many of these hard coded unfortunately, so a mass change within articles is of epic proportions) with http://www.thefamilycorner.com/...dir/rate.cgi?ID=2975 , instead of giving you the correct rating page, it just gives you the Top 10 Resources of rated articles.

So I guess I am wondering if I can put both "thefamilycorner" and "familycorner" in liks.cfg so that Links 2.0 will look for both...

I sure hope this all makes sense and someone can help me :(


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FamilyCorner: Jul 5, 2005, 7:14 AM

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