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Re: [shann123] Emoticons in record view?
I think I have what you want, sorta. This works:


$smilies{smile} = ":smile:";
$smilies{frown} = ":frown:";
$smilies{wink} = ":wink:";
foreach $col (sort keys %rec) {
foreach $file (sort keys %smilies) {
$graphic = "<img url/to/smilies/dir/$file.gif>";
$rec{$col} =~ s/$smilies{$file}/$graphic/g;
foreach $col (sort keys %rec) {
print $rec{$col} . "\n";

It's not really smilies, but you can get the graphics where you want them. I tried everything I could think of to get the actual similies -- :-) :-( ;-) -- to work, but it would always try to interpret the characters.

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