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Re: [imno007] The Admin Interface REALLY Still This Poor?
Webmaster33, what I meant by the category thing is simple: when you try out the admin demo and look at the categories what you see is hundreds of pages of categories assorted in no apparent order - or they're in alphabetical order, can't remember for sure - that you have to scroll through page by page.

Andy, I'm using Focalmedia's PowerSeek SQL right now. It has its limits, like its inability to move categories, which was why I was taking a relook at Links, but trip on over there and take a look at their admin demo. GossamerLinks might have more features, but I'd be truly surprised if you would try to argue that it has a cleaner, more intuitive interface than PS. When you're comparing the two, look at it from the perspective of a person with no code writing experience, who doesn't want to have to go "under the hood" to get things done, not someone like yourself who makes money off of writing mods for the script he's using.

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