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Re: [brewt] YahooSubCats na GL 3
Hi Brewt,

I also have the Yahoo-Subcats-Plugin on my homepage (still G-Links 2.x version).

It would be great if the new Yahoo-Subcats-plugin would also have the following features:

- I would like to be able to sort all my sub-categories by Alphabet (A, B, C,.....) or sort them just how I like them to be sorted
- I would like to be able to choose whether to have the sub-categories listed below each other or in line separated with a comma
- If sub-categories are listed below each other, I would like to have a bold dot or an image in front of each sub-category
- If sub-categories are listed in line next to each other, I would like to be able chosse if they are separated with a comma or if there is no comma and just some spacers in beetween
- I would like to be able to chosse the font (CSS ?)

Im not a programmer or Perl expert, so it would be nice if these features could be selected within admin with a click on my mouse.

Many thanks

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erichcyber: Apr 24, 2005, 4:36 PM

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