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The new Gforum?
When will be finished the new Gforum?
Hey you must have quite a lot of emails with this question, ?

Just an idea what bothers me the most about this script:Pirate
1) If I click replay or post new there is a long loading time for the WYSIWYG editor. I donít know if this has something to do with the server, because here on this forum it works faster, but Iím also running PHPBB on the same server and thee is no this problem.
2) If I want to post an image so it shows on as image, not as an attachment I have to click 10 times and none of the regular users understands how to do this even if I try to explain it.
3) Is there someone who has little search engine optimization skills on your team? Iím not talking just about those miles long URLs, but generally Gforum is not optimized for SE at all. I know I can optimize it, but it would feel much better if it was optimized at last little bit. For example the title tags or if someone would write simple robots.txt to prevent the Googles double content filters, etc.
4) colors: if there is a link with no underline and black as the text around it, it is pretty hard to guess that it is a link.

5) I would be glad if someone would make tutorial about SE optimization of the Gforum, because thee are too many unreliable information in this forum.

6) I would love the archiv with static pages; similar to Vbulletin.

Most of the other script developers have the SE friendly URLs already in admin option in their scripts.
SEO is what will sell your products. Thatís why I bought the Lsql.

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