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Re: [brewt] YahooSubCats na GL 3
It's probably easier to use the plugin as a function call from the templates.

I've actually meant to do that, (and hacked it on one site), specificially to bypass the print_cat routine.

So the print_cat code is only backwards compatible .... that is why it looked so "odd". When you go through the code, is it possible if you notice something is now only backwards compatible, to flag it? It's not a big thing, but sometimes it would help to realize this was changed in the luna set.

This also explained, why it still worked in all my upgraded sites -- they are using the old template set, or custom sets, not Luna.

If you are going to rewrite the plugin, please add the option to put one (sorted/random) category per line, and to limit the categories to the first n / or all.

I find it much more useful, and gives the search engines a bigger "grip" on the main page if you list the 1st level categories.

And, if you are *really* going to rewrite it <G> maybe allow it to display subcategories to depth-n, so that an index page could be put on the site, more like a "tree" with all the categories.

Now, for large sites, this could be a real problem, but most sites have a more finite number of categories, and such an index would be *great*.

If it could be cached, so that the tree is only generated if changed, or once per-x-hours or day, it would be great too.

I had modified yahoo subcats to do this, and had a "tree" program that displayed 2 levels of subcats as a side bar.

But this is a perfect rewrite for this plugin. :) :)

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