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Re: [Steve1] A good idea: Blogger-script
$500 is a lot of incentive :) Especially if there are a bunch of people willing to ante up. As I said in another thread, I've looked around a lot, and spent today thinking about this. 90% of the logic is already written in parts of programs I or Andy have already written. Most of the work would be writing the plugin installer, to set up the tables and options. If people were serious, I'd see if I could clear up enough time to do this in the next week. It's really just pulling together existing stuff, and creating what is a mini "home page" community system in a corner of Links.

>> To get a better impression what I mean, here a list of the features (rights) it should has.

Webmaster (host):
- delete blogs
- modify and delete messages in blogs
- send mass mail to all users (bloggers)

Ok, if a "blog" was a link entry (that linked to a bunch of tables) and a registered user could set up a blog by creating a link with the status of "blog", then the webmaster could hide/unhide, restrict, or even charge for the blog (I would think).

I do not think it's a good idea to allow a webmaster to edit a users posts or blog -- either close it, or force the owner to modify it. Ability to block a user from being able to create a blog should be enabled.

Users (blogger):
- create, modify and delete messages
- upload pictures
- create and delete comments
- send newsletter to all his users (readers)

A "blog" would be a horizontal message board, pushing out to the right, as new messages were added to the queue. Dangling from each message, would be "comments". Each registered user could post ONE comment. Each message and comment could also have a rating attached, and each registered user could add one rating to each comment and message. This is some logic I had to work out for some other things. This is *not* a forum, so a running dialog in the comments is *not* part of this.

Pictures? That is a sticky issue, but we have the code to do it. "how" to allow it is another story.

Create/delete comments is another sticky issue. If a "karma" system was in place, or a users rating was dependent on their ratings of comments, etc, then a user who chose to delete "unflattering" posts would be able to rig the system.

Maybe allowing a user up to 3 comments per message, at least 24 hours apart is a compromise. If you think about it, I think you'll see where the problems start to develop. This is what a _FORUM_ is for. A weblog/blog is for OUTFLOW of information from the author, and to get a bit of feedback on it from the audience *not* to maintain a dialog.

Newsletters... should be doable within the current system. A blog_author could send a newsletter to all subscribed members.

I *might* even be able to "hide" blog as a "detail page" for that link.

Users (readers):
- read all messages
- add comments to messages
- delete own comments
- search through all messages of the blog
- sign up for the newsletter

Again, deleting comments creates an issue if a Karma system is involved, I'm open to suggestions.

Searching the blog creates an interesting performance issue, since it would be searching on related tables. While it's possible, performance issues need to be considered. *and* whether it could tie in to the Links Search or not.

Because of the way Links works, all users who post/edit/etc need to log on, or it's not worth the effort. Non logged in users can read, but only logged in users can "interact."

Lets move this to the http://ultranerds.com/forum because I feel funny discussing 3rd party business like this in GT's forum. There really isn't a good place for it, even in "custom jobs" it starts to push the limits.

It's one thing to discuss an idea, but once it gets to specifics, like this, or a job offer, it should have a different place.

Here's the specific link: http://ultranerds.com/...for_GT_setups_P1441/

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