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How to "mass-delete" the threads


As you can see on this thread

We might want to delete a great number of threads from a forum (because of spam, forum moderation...)
and it is not very easy with the actual system... we have to go in each thread to delete it manualy...

You should be able to "mass-delete" the threads we want

1) Delete all the threads containg some words we can define (in the title and/or in the content of the thread)
2) Delete all the threads from a user

All those filters sould be stored... then we could make a crontab...

Anayone has a plugin for that? Wink

Another plugin would be great to "mass-move" the threads from a forum to another (with the same system of filters)
Why ? for exemple when we have a forum with thousands of threads : then we can create one or more new forums and affect the threads to these new forums...


PS : sorry for my poor english... I am french

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