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Re: [Wil] CPAN release of GT lib (or modules)
The problem of releasing to CPAN as I can see is that you're then really obliged to support the modules for users that use them for other programs and older versions that are out dated.

Thus, it's a waste of GTs resources. They will lose money. What business sense does it make to support old versions of your modules that may be in use by a third party product? Even a third party paid-for-product, with no revenues going to yourself?

Did you even read my posts? It doesn't seem to...

My answer was here:
GT could give paid support for the GT modules released on CPAN. Asking a $40-$50/hour support fee would also mean extra income for GT company... While existing clients would be still supported for free, according to the license rules.
New CPAN users would also refresh the forum a bit, meaning activity, self-help potential, and clients....
Modules released to CPAN are not obligated to have support...
But if you still do support, you can safely ask money for support...
All these facts can be clearly defined in the License, when you release a library to the public.

What happens when all the users of this board scream out for a new feature. That feature will only be possible by upgrading key libs and breaking compatability. What then? Not introduce the feature because you'll screw the libs for thousands of other applications out there or concentrate on upgrading the libs for the good of your software and your customer base?

That not true. New features are NOT depending on if you release GT lib to the public or not.
Commercial clients of course always had priority over freeware users...
So what are you talking about then?

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