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Re: [webmaster33] Loop help
OK, this is getting frustrating. The line:

my $ID_q = $DBH->quote(@{$in->{'ID'}});

causes this error:

Error Message : fatal error: DBI quote: invalid number of arguments: got handle + 0, expected handle + between 1 and 2
Usage: $h->quote($string [, $data_type ]) at ./mailbox_inbox.pl line 202.

So it seems that something is not right with that. I've been googling for several hours and nothing I am finding is helping me. While it'd be nice to allow members to select more than one message for moving, deleting, flagging etc, I might just have to put a note on there that only 1 message at a time can be selected. *sighs* Unsure

If you have any ideas, I'd be really happy to try them!

BTW, except for that problem, this internal email system is working great and has a lot of features! It's almost like squirrelmail, ok, not quite that many features, but close.. lol

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shann123: Feb 27, 2005, 11:15 AM

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