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Re: [GT Dev Team] Gossamer Links 3.0 - Template system changes
How about the template system changes?

!!! Support LSQL a section based template system, with reusable, changeable sections, inheritable into subcategories. This means to inherit template elements, sections, local & global variables into subcategories - This would be excellent GT template feature improvement. Currently only one full template can be inherited and overrided in the subcategories (Category_Template). But if I want to change the design, I need to change all templates, depending which part of template is changed. I have to include even <head> or <html> tags redundantly, when these should be used once when design is done, then should be automatically reused where needed. Therefore the main category page should provide a skeleton (section) of the design, then subskeletons (subsections) recursively, which should be inherited to subcategories.

Could you show up exactly what kind of changes are done?
Does the changes include improvement of template system, similarly how I described above?

It would be really important to improve the template system, to support skeleton-like, "sites-themes-elements" style, which can inherit content from parent content.
All this, to ignore redundant HTML codes.

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