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Re: [jdgamble] new file user login required...
Hi, again, and sorry for being so confusing. I just want to be able to add several pages of plain old HTML content to this section using the existing user login info (not a separate htaccess request or anything).

It's actually a super-basic thing I'm shooting for, and I'm just stupid enough to not have a clue as to go about doing it properly. I would imagine I need to make a cgi page -- but I'm lost as to how to make that works so it displays the content I want. (All sorts of other bits and pieces are called from scripts like add.cgi and I don't know what to do with them.)

Ideally, I want to create the meat of the page in the standard templates section, not always needing to alter a script every time I want to change a word here and there. So if I can create a script that can call a page from the templates section after making sure they're logged in, that is what I would prefer... but I could just make it in script format if need be.

The idea is that if they sign up for the site, they get access to a suite of cool articles and features -- though I want to make it super-simple for the end user. One login, then they can access many pages. But if you're not logged in, you get bumped to the "you must be logged in to access that page" page.

Again, my apologies for not being clear. I'm an editor, not terribly tech-minded, but in this role by default. ;-) Thanks for your help!

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