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Re: [pyc] Gossamer Threads Development Survey
GT team hasn't replied in a while...

I just have two things that need to be said...

1. I don't think anyone at GT has any idea the amount of time users spend customizing templates. It's not that users don't want to start all over customizing their templates, its that they don't want to spend the TIME customizing them. Sometimes a fresh start can be a good thing. I know in my templates I have 3 main features: header, footer, general design... If those countless hours I spent customizing templates were not mostly REDUNDANT, there would be no need to complain. I'd like to be able to customize one template, press a button so that all templates get this look, and maybe manually do the rest. I really don't know the best way it should be done, but I do know that the templates need to be easily edited and dealt with, while still keeping customization. A GT customized WYSIWIG might be cool to edit templates. SPEND A LOT OF TIME FINDING THE BEST WAY TO MAKE THIS PROCESS EASIER!

2. My next problem I have is with customization. The plugin feature of linksSQL is one of the best ideas I have seen on here. There needs to be more time spent on this. Why? Think about this... once GT gets the plugin section to the point where it needs to be, the users (your clients), can do the rest of the work (well at least take some of the burden off of everyone). It should be easy to create a plugin that does the simplest things like changing : to > in the categories. There could maybe be a section in the GT plugin area for official plugins, and for non official plugins. Instead of a user asking a redundant question spaming the forum, searching, and editing core code, the user could simply go to plugins and click one button to have it installed. There are so many answers to customization questions and great ideas, that are buried in this forum maybe never to return. Once the answer is found, an inexperienced user should be able to copy and paste some code here and there solving some problems of experienced users. ONCE A FEATURE IS FOUND, IT SHOULD NOT BE DOCUMENTED AND BURIED IN THIS FORUM, IT SHOULD BE ADDED AS A NEW PLUGIN ONE CLICK AWAY FROM A USER.

- side note: Something I think GT should incorporate to G-Community is to allow users to customize their homepage: http://my.yahoo.com/ (Obviously this is some of the most complicated code written, but GT definitely has the direction right... )

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- Jonathan

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