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Confusing problem with cronjob and subscriptions
To send the daily subscription notifications a daily cronjob is configured:

00 6 * * * /%PATH_TO_BOARD%/admin/cron/subscribe.pl --send

But it dies with
GT::SQL::Relation (822): Unknown method 'fetchrow_arrayref' called at /%PATH_TO_BOARD%/admin/GForum/Subscribe.pm line 34

After a little debugging i found out, that in Subscribe.pm after

my $sth = $DB->table('ForumSubscriber', 'User', 'Forum', 'Category')->select;

$sth is still not defined. But $DB->table('ForumSubscriber', 'User', 'Forum', 'Category') is defined.

And to complete my confusion: When i start "subscribe.pl --send" manually, everything work fine.

Do anybody have some help for me?

PS: Sorry for my maybe not so good english.

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schubiman: Dec 28, 2004, 4:12 AM

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