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Re: [pugdog] create some easy to understand tutorials
No I didnít criticize the forum I think the forum is cool I have post some URLs in my first message and some Alex deleted them and modified it little bit and now it has little different meaning.
I was criticizing the gossamer-threads.com website, this is one of the most confusing sites I have ever seen and I donít understand if you guys can make such a cool scripts why canít you make a good website? I was comparing the phpbb website because they have very good information design and itís easy to navigate, etc. also I like the support of phpbb they have cool tutorials so everyone can learn fast. Looking for information and learn from gossamer-threads.com website is very confusing the only thing here is the forum fool of outdated information. So if I need something, I need to search your forum then I find 10 different people talking about one problem and everyone of those people are suggesting something different, so I have to experiment for a long time before I figure something out. It would be nice to have some organized sportive information, because many people will contact you with every little problem, because they know how confusing it is to find some accurate information in the forum, so you have to spend a lot of time answering all the emails. And Iím not just talking about the support forum on your site, the entire gossamer-threads.com website needs to be checked by an information designer. One of the things I donít like is that some of the link colors are almost the same as the text color and with no underline itís pretty hard to see the links. (This is in the Gforum script also), when I came to the gossamer-threads.com site for the first time I could not find the LSql demo and I was so disappointed with this site that I was going to buy different script from your competitor.

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