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Having to re-login for each table

I have a database with 10 users and 20 tables. Each user has access to 2 tables applicable to him.

When I login as a user on one table, and then either re-enter the URL of that table, or attempt to move to another one, I have to re-login. For example, if I login to http://www.megsh.com/...bin/db.cgi?db=AzK_db and then either re-enter the same URL, or move across to the other table: http://www.megsh.com/...K_input_game_results I have to re-login.

Session ID is active, with a period of 4 (hours). I'm getting URL's like this with SID: http://www.megsh.com/...b=AzK_db&fm=long

*EDIT: Also tried it with cookies instead of SID....same result, having to re-login each time.

Logging is also active for the table, and is recording the log_time / action / user_id / ip / tablename.

Ideally a user needs to be able to login and move between tables without having to re-login each time. Can someone please advise on how I can do this?



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