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create some easy to understand tutorials
It would be nice if everyone who create some plugin would create tutorial or at last redame.txt. I think if you Gguys would create some easy to understand tutorial about modifying your products and tips and tricks, you would save your self a lot of time, maybe more than you think. This forum is nice, but fool of junk and outdated information. Just hire one guy who is not professional so if he will understand everybody would understand and this guy would create the tutorials. I would welcome tutorials about Links how to create gallery, how to move links on different server, how to optimize links for search engines, how to create classify, some other tips and tricks. There will be plenty of people who would gladly pay you to do all the modification for them, but there are many people who cannot afford to pay the professional modification, so those simple tutorials would help them and save them and you the time. I know you are using the forum for many of those tips and tricks, but as the time goes it is harder to find it. I think tutorials should be posted in a weblog in stead of the forum. I have just bought the Gforum, but have bad feeling, because if I look at the phpbb site and see all the tutorials and support I think I should have buy the phpbb. I like very much the information design and navigation of phpbb it is simple and easy. Many times I get lost on your site. I donít want to criticize too much I just want to tell you how I see it.

Cheers Pirate

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Alex: Dec 10, 2004, 12:19 PM

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