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Re: [GT Dev Team] Gossamer Threads Development Survey
Hi GT,

good to hear that you are still working to improve your great products.

I think XHTML and CSS is a great thing, although I still donīt know much about the difference between HTML and XHTML.....I think Iīll have to learn XHTML now.

Some suggestions for your update to the new version:

- the new version should be compatible with your "Multi-Language-Plugin"

- it would be great to have a system like the "Page-Builder-Plugin" directly implemented (my link-owners / customers want to have their information presented not just in form of a link with some text, but on more than one page)

- it would be great to have the a system like the "Links-Forum" directly implemented (this shows the website visitor the latest entries in the Forum, without going to the forum immediately)

- somehow, it should be easier to add images to each link (more than one image)

- the rating-system (including review-system): it would be great if my link-owners (customers) are able to approve the "reviews" (of the website-visitors) and then if they want they can release it by themselves on my website by saying: "yes, this review is o.k. - everybody should see it on the website" or "no, delete this review".

- each of my link-owners (customers) will have his own small "website" on my detail-pages. So the URL to this "detailed-page" will be very long and not easy to remember. Is there a possibility to build a software where I can change this URL to http://www.domain.com/linkowner1 and http://www.domain.com/linkowner2 , etc. ?

- what worries me most, I do not know how to back-up all my Links-SQL data. I donīt know how a cron-job or something like this works.
could you build-in an EASY way to back-up all the data ? Like: safe everything which is on the server to my hard-drive and then save everything on a CD ?

- possibilty to order the category-links not only in alphabetic-order, but in manual order.

- I also have the german-language version of Links-SQL. There is an "english-language" spell-checker. This doesnīt make sense.

- would be great if the manual will be in HTML-format

- the easier it is to USE your new software-version V3, the more customers you will get !

Many thanks,


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erichcyber: Nov 27, 2004, 9:08 PM

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