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Re: [HyperTherm] Version 3.X Feature Suggestion
hah, that software has MADE FOR SPAMMERS written all over it! I still don't like the posting of SpamAssassin scores when their email fails. It's too technical for most users and is too useful for spammers as it provides instant notification that their email would probably be marked as spam and shows exactly what they would need to change to make it non-spam. We need to think of a system where it will benefit normal users but won't benefit spammers. Perhaps a queue system if the mail fails the SpamAssassin test - it gets added to this validation queue and the admin would have to validate it before the email would be sent. However, this still means their email would receive a high SpamAssassin score when it reaches the destination.

PS: I hope you don't mind that I've modified the link to that spammer's site


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brewt: Nov 27, 2004, 2:15 PM

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