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Re: [brewt] Version 3.X Feature Suggestion
Multi Level Admin:

Admin Levels : 2 : License Owner (Level0) and Domain Level (Level1).
Purpose : Subleasing Of Domains Under gossamer mail.

Level 0: License Owner
  • Usual Admin Functions Present As Of Now.
  • Ability To Add Domain Level Admin Accounts (ie specify user/pass for a given domain under gossamer mail).
  • Ability To Allocate/Update Space Block to each domain (say 10GB block for domain1, 20GB for domain2 etc etc with possibility of specifying no limit wheich would mean no Space Restriction). This exludes any DB space. No restriction on DB Space.
  • Ability To Define The Default Account Size Per Domain Basis.
  • Abilty To Define The "Default" Template Set To Be Associated With A Domain -- Can be different for each domain. If nothing defined then the "Default" for the install is picked up automatically.
  • Block Suspension Of Access Of A Given Domain for gossamer mail. (implying global expiry sort of for the said domain).
  • Number Of Accounts That can be signed up under a given domain

The Admin Section Of Level1 should not have "Gossamer Threads" or "Gossamer Mail" or any hint of it displayed anywhere in their Admin interface. So perhaps "Gossamer Threads" And "Gossamer Mail" be replaceable with some tag defined in Globals or elsewhere.

Level 1: Domain Level Admin:
  • Domain level user management.

Open For Debate (I vote against all of it and would prefer Level 1 requesting Support to Level 0 for all of them):
  • Template Editing By Level1 Admin
  • Purging Messages
  • Purging Users

Just the points which come to mind at first thought. Maybe others would be able to add to this.



Also, The Level1 Admin should have a display where he is aware of the balance SPACE that can be allocated, so that there is no overselling.

Say 1000 MB Space Block with 10MB each mail account is allocated by Level 0.
Level 1 updates 1 Mail Account with Mailbox size of 100MB

So Theoretically, he should not be able to sell more than 90 account of 10 MB each + 1 acount of 100 MB (sold).

Account Mailbox Upgrade should be interlinked with the Balance Space Available.
New Account Signup should also take into account Balance Space Available and if < the default space size, then signup should FAIL.


Mail Me If Contacting Privately Is That Necessary.

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