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Re: [GT Dev Team] Gossamer Threads Development Survey
In general, any change which makes services dependent on it more marketable (and aesthetics as perceived by the end user is definitely a part of it) is a welcome change. Even if that means tougher job on modification of templates etc it's welcome. My suggestions would however be:
  • Gossamer Community support Gossamer Applications across different domains (without removing the URL based sessions in Gossamer Mail as that would break wap support).
  • This has been touched earlier, but a centralized GT libs location with installer configured to handle the same accordingly during upogrades (for multiple GT Products license holders).
  • Auto-updates off GT Server as an _OPTION_ would be fine.
  • Documentation/Tutorials on GT server would be fine.
  • A KB/FAQ (Product Wise) drawn from This forum. I remeber modernbill building FAQ from their forum so that repeatedly same questions are not asked (and answered) over and over again.

Perhaps more when the product forums for 2005 version(s) are launched individually.

Also, if allowed to ask, when is the 2005 version(s) in 2005 expected to be released? If not too long, i would prefer to keep upgrades on hold for the time being.


Mail Me If Contacting Privately Is That Necessary.

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