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Re: [GT Dev Team] Gossamer Threads Development Survey

the changes you're going to make seem to be very nice.

As I've read, your going to implement an auto-update feature for LSQL. I think you should make it optional, so an admin can switch the auto-update-function of the software on or off.
Also a list of auto-updated files should always be available, so if someone has made e.g. hardcoded mods, he/she gets to know, that his modified file was overwritten by a new update and is informed that he has to do the mod again.

The (LSQL/Forum) email/newsletter-functionallity should be developed:
A possibility of using eMail-attachments would be very nice.
Also some kind of newsletter/mail-bounce-handling would be very great!
At last the newsletter-subscription-functionallity should use an double-opt-in.

It would be very nice, if it'll be possible, if the admin could exclude categories from link-submitting.



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