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Re: [ukresident] Subcategories
The space is likely a result of the definition list tags, I would remove them. Here is what I have on mine, it is a bit different tha what I linked to above. I have changed around the comma and dots at the end. You change the number of links that appear by changing the blue number. Note that I use CSS, and the tags here are based on my own stylesheet. For testing, just use HTML tags.

The 'more&#187' produces this: moreĽ

if ($#{$subcategories{$subcat}} >= 0) {
$v = 0;
$output .= qq~<div class="home-cat">~;
foreach $subcatsub (sort @{$subcategories{$subcat}}) {
$suburl = "$build_root_url/" . &urlencode($subcatsub) . "/";
if ($subcatsub =~ m,.*/([^/]+)$,) {$subcategory_name = &build_clean($1);}
else {$subcategory_name = &build_clean($subcatsub);}
$output .= qq~<a class="cat2" href="$suburl">$subcategory_name</a>~ if ($v <= 5);
$output .= qq~,&#160;\n~ if ($v ne $#{$subcategories{$subcat}} && $v <= 5);
$output .= qq~<a class="cat2" href="$url"> more&#187;</a>\n~ if ($v eq "5");
$output .= qq~</div>~;
$output .= "</div>\n";
return $output;

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PerlFlunkie: Oct 24, 2004, 7:34 PM

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