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How can I put link category on the detailed page?
A lot of my traffic enters on my detailed pages, and I would like those visitors to be able to easily see other links in that same category. Unfortunately I can't find any tag that will put the link category on the detailed page. It seems it should be possible somehow. I have tried using the same tag that is in the admin area that shows which category a link is in, but it doesn't work. The search results also shows the category of a link, but I couldn't get that tag to work on a detailed page. Since the database obviously knows what category the links are in, isn't there some way to call that info on the detailed pages?? I tried <%GT::Template::dump%> on that page, but nothing. Is there a mod that will allow an additional tag for that page?? It sure does seem like a logical bit of info to place on the detailed pages. Any ideas?


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