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Re: [brewt] Auth_vBulletin

We were having problems with permissions between the two accounts so we just moved the forums to the same account as the LSQL.

1. It installed fine but now when I try to log in in LSQL as a user I get invalid name/password for every user(including admin)? I logged into vbulletin just fine but I'm not logged into LSQL?

2. When I try to create a new user in LSQL I get
Authentication Error: You can only create users from the vBulletin admin panel.
I can create a new user in vBulletin, but it doesn't carry over to LSQL.

my versions are:
LSQL 2.1.2
vBulletin Version 2.3.5
Auth_vBulletin 1.7 - I've noticed in a few posts that this version was upgraded for vBulletin 3.x - does that have anything to do with the problem

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