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Re: [Steve1] Gossamer Threads Future Ops...
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Yes, one big package including

GT Links SQL
GT Mail
GT Respond
GT List
GT Forum
GT Community

would be great!

I believe a Portal Script similar to EZPublish based on LinksSQL and including an upgraded GT AutoRes, an upgraded GT List and an upgraded GT Community would be great. A new product GT Articles should be added to allow posting of articles and content.

Mail and Forums should be optional. Why? Mail is a heavy application and should ideally be on a semi-dedicated server. Plus I see mail as hard to compete in and hard to maintain unless it is a niche market. Forum, well I do not have experience with GT Forum but VBulletin clearly dominates the market in my opinion. And whatever product comes out it should output xml/rss much like VBulletin and Movable Type do. That's a pretty basic requirement now.

And finally, the new GT Portal script (my name suggestion) should be ready to work out of the box with no custom programming or having to pay anyone to write any plugin. Revenue should be derived via a $99. annual charge for access to the upgrades download area.

With all the custom work GT has done for so many clients it already has all the coding in place. It would be trivial to re-package and launch - with a special 50% discount for those who have paid for custom programming projects ;-)

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