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Re: [webmaster33] [ NEW PLUGIN ] Professional Poll (ProPoll)
There is a feature what I'm looking since a long time: Grouping feature.
Grouping feature means: We select a few polls and put together into a group. The polls in a group appears one after another for the visitor (using SSI or Global), until all polls were answered. User is identified by a session id (stored in cookie) or if cookie isn't accepted, session id is assigned to IP address. We store in session data, the information which poll was already filled from the group.

Hi again webmaster33

Just on the point above where you say "one after the other", do you mean...

1. Every poll in the group is displayed "at once" on the page


2. Each poll in the group is displayed "individually" until it is voted on. After the user has voted then the next poll in the group is displayed.



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