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[ NEW PLUGIN ] Professional Poll (ProPoll)
NEW PLUGIN: Professional Poll (ProPoll)

Hi All

I have almost completed a new plugin called Professional Poll (ProPoll) which is a poll script that allows you to run polls on your site. This will be released as a paid plugin.

Below is a list of features the script currently has, and a few that will be included shortly.

What I'd like to hear from everyone is...

1. Would you be interested in this script?
2. What other features would you like to see added?
3. How much would you be prepared to pay for the plugin (pm me if you prefer)


- Run Multiple Polls
- Specific Start Date, Day/Month/Year/Hour/Minute (in 5 minute intervals)
- Specific End Date, Day/Month/Year/Hour/Minute (in 5 minute intervals)
- Polls can be put on hold (not displayed)
- Automatic hold built in for incomplete polls
- Poll can be called via SSI
- Poll can be called using a template tag (via a custom global)
- Poll results can be shown/hidden from user permanently
- Poll results can be shown after X votes have been cast
- A single poll can have multiple questions
- Poll questions can have multiple answsers
- Answers for questions can either be Radio/Checkbox/Select
- You can alter the display order of Poll "Questions" (on the fly)
- You can alter the display order of Question "Answers" (on the fly)
- Users can view full list of running polls
- Users can view full list of archived polls
- Users can only vote once per poll (see next point)
- User votes tracked using both cookies and ip tracking
- Polls can be archived
- Polls can be deleted

I think that's all... will add to the list if I've missed anything.


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