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Re: [Andy] Lowercase category name in url
A search for Horse Barn and Farm Equipment is one example
A search for Business Jewelry is another.
Notice the words in caps aren't in bold in either example.
It's a giveaway for what google seems to like. The pages are still spidered. They just aren't considered ideal to work with google as far as ranking. The keyword density in the url will make a huge difference.

Thank you for your reply Andy. Sorry to hear that the whole thing would have to be modified to make the category name in the url lowercase. I had read in another post that someone had done it , but the finished product was in another language. I never seen a download link for it either.

I will keep trying to find some way to make this work if at all possible. If you do come up with any idea please let me know. I like links 2.0 way too much to have to get rid of it.

Thanks again

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