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Re: [HyperTherm] Excellent Hosting!
Hi Anup,

Ah, but if you were hosting with us, you wouldn't be having your mod_perl problems. =) Our servers come pre-configured with mod_perl installed and setup properly as a monitored and managed back end server.

A lot of what you are paying for is the management aspect. I've been on many a cheap dedicated server and the number of security holes and unpatched software on there is ridiculous. We've had more then one person switch to us after being hacked. A lot of people think that because they are not on a Windows server, they are safe from hackers. Not so. There have been recent security vulnerabilities in PHP, SSH, OpenSSL, Linux Kernel and much more.

The term "managed" is thrown around a lot on dedicated server. There is a wide range of level of service and quality of service. For us, when we say managed servers, that means you get:

* active hardware monitoring - all hardware is monitored and drives are checked to see if they are about to fail, and pre-emptively swapped out.
* service level software monitoring - not only do we check that your server is responding, we check each service on the server to make sure it's working properly - MySQL, Apache, Qmail, etc. Many places just ping your server to see if it's responsive and call that managed. We actually try and connect to all the services to make sure it's responsive. Anything that isn't is automatically restarted and a tech notified.
* security updates - we handle all security updates from upgrading the linux kernel, to upgrading php.
* software updates - we keep you up to date and regularly upgrade the software.
* backups - we provide 7 days of incremental backups that you can access yourself. Accidently remove a directory? You can restore it from the included FileMan or from shell using the restore command. You can pick which version you want to restore as well. We also provide a mirrored drive, so if your drive does completely fail and is not recoverable, we can swap the mirrored drive and have you back up and running quickly. We're also rolling out off-site backups this month, so you can have your server on the west coast, and your backup on the east coast.
* single point of support - if you are using our software, you can have a single point of support. If there's a problem, we'll get it fixed. There won't be any delays while we have to talk to a hosting provider, or argue back and forth trying to convince them what the problem is.
* mod_perl - no other provider I've seen provides an out of the box mod_perl solution. Many claim to, but just add mod_perl to the main apache, a solution that is not scalable, secure or reliable. Our setup allows you to safely do virtual hosting with mod_perl support as each user can run their own mod_perl server without affecting anybody else.
* optimized servers - many ISP's put on a desktop version of linux like RedHat and a hosting control panel and call it a server. Our hosting platform is optimized as a server and built from the ground up to only include what is required.

These are just a few of the main points to what makes up quality managed hosting.


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