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Re: [nakulgoyal] Excellent Hosting!
I want to try but 75$ per month for a shared 200MB space is 20 times of what I am paying for 200MB at another host. No hard feelings against gossammer, it may be worth, but can u highlight the points ?

You could get a 70$/mo dedicated server deal at 15minuteservers (left on your own) or a sub 200$ deal for a RAID1 dual cpu m/c +500GB traffic/Mo Managed Deal with 24X7 ICQ/YM Support ... all loaded with cPanel/Directadmin control panels. At least in the latter case they are always online on ICQ/YM/AIM and pretty quick to respond to.... and most of the time they never treat the knowledge they have as Voodoooo.... always willing to guide and educate even if you would want to take it up yourself, assuring that they are there if anything goes haywire ... GT prices are pretty close to Rackspace.com where they quote 350$/Mo for Option One m/c...


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