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Re: [anup123] Can Apache::Dynagzip be used with GT Apps under mod_perl?

I tried and found visible difference in speed between mod_gzip and Apache:Dynagzip. (reasons obvious) However, for information to all who may want to test, i failed on following counts:
  • Redirection to GC from GT Apps Login Failed.
  • GM Login with Remote Accounts configured lead to Expired Sessions as soon as the Pop Up Window Closed and I was logged out of GM
  • content type text/html was being printed on all pages of GT Apps alongwith the some other data

I would continue my tests but may not be able to report any further. Those of you who do indeed move ahead with tests and find anything interesting, hope they would be willing to share the same. As to why i tried this despite having mod_gzip+mod_perl going fine is that mod_gzip doesn't work with ssl not unless one has that front-end back-end httpd combination.


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