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[ NEW PLUGIN ] PasswordGenerator

Plugin: PasswordGenerator

Version: 1.0

Type: Security

Price: US$10.00

About PasswordGenerator

The PasswordGenerator plugin enables you to quickly generate new random alphanumeric passwords for every registered user in your LinkSQL directory at the push of a button. It can also send users an email notice to inform them that their password has been updated. PasswordGenerator is a simple yet essential tool to enhance your site security.

The plugin was originally developed to solve a problem of new users not having passwords when upgrading from LinkSQL 1.X to 2.2.0. New user accounts were created but they didn't have passwords allocated.

How it Works

On install a new column called PasswordUpdates is added to the user table. PasswordGenerator uses the Yes/No value in this column when deciding if a users password should be updated. This setting can be adjusted by the administrator.

PasswordGenerator then looks to see if this user also has ReceiveMail = Yes in their profile. If Yes the user is emailed a notice to inform them that their password has been updated. The template for this email can be customised to your invididual requirements. This setting can be adjusted by the administrator.

By default the users new password is not included in the outgoing notice email for security reasons. Users are instructed to use the password reminder link on the login page to retreive their new password. You are able to add the password to the email by customising the template.

Now available in your LinkSQL plugin manager.

Can be purchased by following this link.


Note: Thanks to andy for your help! Smile


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