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Can you post via email with Gossamer Forum?
What I am looking to do is combine a email listsevr that the group I am in is used to using, with GForum for saving messages and have the search abilities.

I am a member of a group that shares lots of data and information, and the listsevr program they use doesn't have the best search features, so what I would like to do is have it so that everytime someone posts to the group it will post to Gforum. That will allow us to save all posts, and be able to search through them as needed.

The members of this email listserv is not up for a lot of changes, that is why I am looking to go this route instead of replacing the program. Can anyone tell me if GForum can be posted to via email? Can I set up a rule in Outlook so that anytime I get an email for the group it would post it to the forum?

If this will work, how much trouble will it be? If it won't work, does anyone have any ideas on how to handle this situation?

Thanks for any help on this!


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