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Re: [pugdog] LinksSQL + Ultra Package VS Customized PHP Links Script
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It wasn't supposed to, and I thought hard about taking this to a PM, but I think the information will help others. ---->I think you did not take this to a PM because it's yet another opportunity for you to show the world how wrong I am and how right you are.<---
You did not list what your choices were, nor what you would base them on. You came with a lot of generalizations, personal/personality things, and _NOTHING_ specifically related to the attributes of the software.
----> If you went to consult with a Urologist you'd use generalizations as well, because you do not have a Urologist's training so asking me to list specifics beyond those previously listed -- choosing between A or B is asking me to open a Perl manual and pretend to know what I'm talking about.<---

I think you are coming here with a lot of baggage from something else. Your references to egos, and being talked down to, and such are somewhat surprising here. You also said you have not been around in awhile. In otherwords, you loaded the board before you started to post your questions.
----> I have been a GT product user for about three years. In that time, I have changed my username because I could not remember it so my previous posts are floating around somewhere. If you consider my post to be loading the board, it's your perogative as a moderator to delete it.<---

I did a search on your username, and posts, and over half it seems, are in the chit-chat forum, and were directed to Paul. That does not seem to be the way to "learn" about a program. Very few of the posts were in the GFORUM area, which you said you wanted to learn, and the ones you have, were scattered back as far as 2002. Not quite an "effort" in learning anything, I'm afraid.
----> My reason for posting in the chit chat forum in the past was simply to break the ice. I have pored over this forum more than any other forum on the web. Remember, you have not been privy to PMs or emails I might have received from other users.<---
You may feel that someone 10 feet tall is talking over you, but you are dealing with a very, very complex program and super-powered utilities. It's not that someone is talking over you, it's that you did not invest the same effort into learning GT's GForum, as you did for vBulletin. You obviously decided to learn PHP. You could have chosen to learn PERL instead. While you might not know how to bless references or write complicated regexes, you most certainly would have been able to write your own globals with minimal help. GT's engine code objectifies and encapsulates, as well as modularizes and wraps lower level routines into very, very simple function calls. You get a lot of power with 2-3 lines of code.
----> I did not decide to learn PHP. My knowledge of PHP came simply from being able to figure out it's logic while customizing scripts for my site. You are still missing my point, obviously.<---

First off, it seems you posted and asked a lot of questions in a PHP forum, or a vBulletin forum. Had you done the same here, you'd have gotten a lot of good responses and help. If you go in with a bad, it's not going to work attitude, that is what you are goiong to get.
---->I have never posted in a PHP forum or vBulletin forum that I know of. Those are your assumptions. Like I said, there is no other forum on the web that I've spent time on as much as I have on GT. I have watched many a thread on this forum over the years. Interestingly enough, I have watched your websites over the years, postcards, girlfriends, beads etal. I think I have visited every site in the directory of GT users and every installer with a listed website for that matter. I have always felt such research to be helpful. <---

The _difference_ is that PHP is *not* perl. Despite it's development, it started out as a "personal home page processer" and not a "practical extraction and reporting language." Perl's strength for the web is that it's a scripting language heavily string-processing based, and perfect for web applications.
----> Again, I respect your opinion. Like you said, it's the difference between lobster and tuna. I like lobster but it so happens that I like tuna much better. Taste is always subjective.<---

The problem here is one of mind set. You already have decided you don't like us, yet you like our sand box and toys very much. Can't help you there. Your messages are very different from messages posted by other people who are trying to, or have tried to, make the same or similar decisions. You have made up your mind, and want us to change it, but you haven't told us how.
----> "You already have decided you don't like us." That's your opinion. If that were the case, I would not waste my time posting here and trying to figure out what has been a big dilemma for me in the past couple weeks. I have spent days looking at your ultra package and was very close to purchasing it until my server admin asked me a few key questions. I have always found Alex and Jack to be helpful and not condescending in their posts. They work extremely hard and will always have my best wishes for GT's success. I never decide to not like anyone. Again your comments only serve to belittle my concerns. <---

>> I respect your knowledge and opinions but a little empathy goes a long way.

What empathy? This is where the problem is.
----> Isn't it always? <---

---> I have used GForum for over almost two years and played with vBulletin for a couple months. I feel much more comfortable with the latter <---

This is what I mean, you've made up your mind, now, in two messages. What do you want??
---> That was about forum software not links software. Two distinctly different solutions last time I checked. <---

>> and just telling me that GT is better is not helpful.

I didn't "just" tell you the GT programs are better. I _EXPLAINED_ in DETAIL why.
--->Yes Sir! <---

>> I'm more interested in functionality than aesthetics.

What functionality? You listed no needs, other than which program, which company and which language is better.
--->Not sure what point you are missing.<---

>> Furthermore, having an excellent product is important but knowing how to sell it is even more important.

Hmmm..... GT seems to sell it quite well. the products speak for themselves, and they don't need to have a sales pitch to make you believe the program works, or does, what you want.
--->You know, you can never sell too much of a product. The prospect of losing one customer, even one as lowly as I should always be of concern to any business that wants to succeed for the long haul.) <---

If you have a _SPECIFIC_ requirement, there are many here who can let you know how to handle it.
--->I'm not looking for people to "let me know..." I'm looking for people to help me with a tough choice and that's the difference <---

I'm not trying to start a war here, or to reply negatively, and I think I posted very informative messages based on your initial post, but this message seemed like a troll to me, and after looking up your past messages here, I'm half-convinced that it was.
--->Whatever a troll may be to you, I've got way more important things to do than to spend time trying to prove my concerns are genuine. It's a troll to you but it's helped me make up my mind. <---

Please ask SPECIFIC questions about what you need, or what you are looking for, and why you like something elses features, and if GT has it built in, or a plugin exists to do it.

In short: Telling you GT's software is the best, and why it's the best, and why I/we have chosen to develop for it, is the answer to the question you posted. For a full feature set, look up the product page off the top menu. If you have specific questions on specific features, we'll offer a comparason. But no program out there -- links based, forum based, or mail based, has as robust a feature set, as well devleoped set of core libraries, the depth of ability to maintain the programs by 3rd parties not one developer or company and as loyal a developer base. Most developers here run their own sites, and the programs/plugins they develop are for those sites, based in real need, and real experience.
--->No surprise there. I'd be shocked if most people did not feel such fervor for their own products. <---

That is the answer to the question you posted, without any personal attacks -- head on, or side ways. --->Wow, if those were not personal attacks, I'd sure hate to experience what the real ones are like."<---

--->Anyhow, have a good one. I bet you are a really nice guy but it comes across the wrong way. I thank you for taking the time to play ping pong. I think your GT plugins look great but I guess I'll never have the privilege to know, would I.<---

||| A thing is not necessarily true because a man dies for it. - Oscar Wilde |||

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