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Looking for Remote Challenge/Response Email system
Hi All

I've been looking at challenge-response email tools to help cut down on spam.

A lot of systems have to be installed on the servers, but I'm looking for one that I can install on my local win box that will review the waiting email on the server, filter it, split off the spam items to a spambox on the server (or maybe even delete them right off the bat if desired), and then allow me to preview the rest before downloading.

Would anyone know of such a system?

Or, is there a challenge-response system that can be installed on the server at the virtual level (without tons of issues)?

I found A-S-K, which can be installed under virtual accounts, but A-S-K uses like 2.2 or 2.3 python. The Cpanel for our site uses python 1.52 I think, and it can't be upgraded.


Just found this comparison list of some spam tools:


Thanks Smile


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