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hosting for Links SQL
Hey guys,

Although I would love to get a dedicated server through GossamerHost, but as a college student, $300 extra a month is very hard to come by. I'm sure some of you can relate. Hopefully when I get my site rolling I'll be bringing in enough to make that switch to GossamerHost.

I was looking at these options (I assume their Managed servers have the same software packages installed as their Root servers):

The same company just ended a promotion in the US for 3 free years on their virtual hosting. Of course I got an account and have been playing with it. The server that my space on has a lot of other people on it as well, free customers is my guess. In spite of that, my sites on my free account show remarkable speed, which I assume can only get better with one of their dedicated servers.

What do you guys think of the options that they offer on those servers, if you don't mind. Should they be sufficient to run Links SQL, and potentially Gossamer Forum and mail in the future?

Thanks again!

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